A message from Mark

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What an exciting year it has been for Buckingham Club. We have had eight homes sell in the last 90 days. Wow, this is certainly a new record for our community.mark

We are also close to putting a new home on lot #83 as well. Currently for sale are #5, #36, #61 and #71. Most new buyers have the same comments… :The park is maintined so beautifully,” and “the residents here are so nice and friendly.” This season was also a busy and booked rental season bringing even more new freidns adn faces. Thank you for your continued support of our rental program, a critical tool in resales, and for making our new friends feel welcome.

I am sure some of you have noticed the new security lighting we have been installing in the community. We hasve added two large parking lot lights up around the clubhouse for better visibility in the common area aroudn the clubhouse. We also added some soffit lighting aroudn the shop area and some motion lights in the storage area next to the shop.

We would also like to remind everyone of the annual picnic on Saturday, March 30 at noon. We look forward to serving our friend and neighbors!

Thank you for another great winter!